1.6.1 Güncelleme içerikleri

Yeni Versiyon C-SGN Player image

1.6.1 Web sayfası link desteği, yeni browser versiyonu, özel ekran bölmeleri, Player anlık görüntü alma, UI değişikliği, Ctrl-N ekran düzeltmesi ve Youtube link çalışmama sorununu giderme

1.6.1 Yenilikler ve Sorun Giderme

  1. Ability to overlay a png logo at group level (configure in Set Display Mode under Groups)
  2. Modify Video duration in playlist (default is displayed and it can be changed if the duration is not proper)
  3. Upgrade issues fix for snapshot feature not working
  4. Node restart during upgrade – fixed
  5. Custom layout support in Portrait mode

New Features

  1. 3 new Layouts – custom, custom portrait right and custom portrait left, they enable to upload a custom_layout.html file and display. Use id fields main, side, bottom and ticker to display respective content
  2. Take Snapshot of the player available in the shell popup screen for the player
  3. Use weblink to display websites which were earlier not shown due to Cross Origin issues
  4. Newer version of browser added which is faster and plays video files too (select weblink and add a youtube link)
  5. Allow category selection in Edit links and Notice Creation screens
  6. UI Changes
    • Default duration (10 seconds) can be changed under Settings
    • User can upload his own logo and url for the brand logo on the left side of top msnu bar under settings
    • Display accounts links for which the user is collaborator under User dropdown menu
    • Show associated playlists for a particular asset in Show Assets and Edit Assets screens (For this you need to go to Playlist details screen and save the playlist for previous playlists
    • Display thumbnail in Edit Assets screen to identify assets easily
    • Sort selection for players either latest reported or Alphabetic
    • Alphabetic ordering of Assets, Playlists and Groups in List screens
    • More details added to Group and Playlist list screens
    • Licensed status is available at server, player name color is based on licensed
    • Player shell popup is always enabled to view the previous snapshot
  7. Build and install
    • sudo install.sh(in place of install.sh) is checked to avoid permisson issues after C-SGN install on top of Rasbian
    • Avoid overwriting of cmdline.txt during install
    • Creation of white-labelled server images
    • Reduce image size by removing unwanted packages
    • increase reliability while generation
    • Script to upgrade players manually after downloading the image
  8. C-sgn image size – overall size of the image is reduced